Landmannalaugar Comfort

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  • Duration: 5 Days
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Day 1: Reykjavik - Minnivellir - Hellar - Minnivellir

Early afternoon pick up in Reykjavik

We drive up to the former farm Minnivellir (1,5 hours) where we settle in. After a short brief, we catch our horses from the field next to the house, get acquainted with the gear and ready for the first ride. This ride takes us through lush fields – fertilized through the ash from the eruptions of the Hekla volcano – to the farm Hellar at Skarðsfjall mountain range. There we take a break and visit the biggest man-made cave in Iceland. We finish our visit with homemade snacks from the farmer and his family that has lived there for centuries before we head back to Minnivellir. We take a different route this time and ride alongside the shores of the mighty river Þjórsá.

Accommodation: Minnivellir

Day 2: Towards the volcano (Minnivellir – Rettanes – Rjupnavellir)

Today we ride towards the majestic Hekla volcano. The landscape changes from lush fields to ash and sand dunes with sharp lava rocks: Both testimonies of the power of Hekla's eruptions. We reach Rangá river and have our lunch break at a historical sheep round-ups. After lunch we cross Rangá river and ride closer to Hekla until we reach Rjúpnavellir, where we leave our horses and drive back to Minnivellir for the night. 

Accommodation: Minnivellir
Riding distance: ca. 30 km.


Day 3:  Entering the Highlands (Rjupnavellir - Landmannahellir)

After a nice breakfast and a short drive we start our ride into the highlands. With a view of the Hekla volcano we climb up into the mountains, through black sand and past small lakes until we reach the remote valley Landmannahellir. 

Accommodation: Landmannahellir
Riding distance: 35 km.


Day 4:  The Kaleidoscope of Iceland's colors (Landmannahellir – Landmannalaugar – Landmannahellir)

Today we ride to the famous Landmannalaugar, with its natural hot spring, surrounded by colorful mountains and lava from 1480. You will have some time to enjoy the special scenery – either on a short hike or in the natural hot pools – before we continue on the scenic ride returning to Landmannahellir. The colors change from the blue-yellow-reddish of the rhyolite mountain ranges of Landmannalaugar to the greenish black lava fields and unreal blue dotted lakes all in between. We cross rivers and lakes and pass through an obsidian field before arriving back in Landmannahellir.  

Accommodation: Landmannahellir
Riding distance: 40 km.


Day 5:  The Gateway to Hell (Landmannahellir – Rjúpnavellir Summer Cottages)

We leave the scenic Landmannahellir area and ride north of Mt. Hekla volcano, down from the highlands. A desert of black ash and light pumice is a witness to numerous eruptions of this volcano, the most active one in Iceland and known as the Gateway to Hell. Rjúpnavellir cottages are our first step back into “civilization”.  We leave the horses there and drive back to Minnivellir for a cozy evening.

Accommodation: Minnivellir
Riding distance: 35 km.


Day 6:  Winding Down: (Rjúpnavellir – Skarfanes - Minnivellir)

Our last riding day leads us west of Mt. Hekla volcano and around the big lava field ‘Merkurhraun’, that is about 6000-8000 years old. We ride alongside the mighty river Þjórsá and past the beautiful waterfall Þjófafoss that shows another, rather positive side of Mt. Hekla's  eruptions: fertile farmland. We ride through lush green fields  and cross the rivers Ytri-Rangá and Eystri-Rangá. 

Riding distance: 35 km

Please note: We reserve the right to alter the itinerary if necessary