Kirkjufell Comfort Tour

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  • Duration: 4 Days
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Kirkjufell Comfort Tour


On this new comfort tour we introduce you to the Northern  part of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, home to hidden waterfalls, mystical folklore and small fishing towns.  Our ride leads along dormant, colorful volcanoes and takes you through the haunting 4000 year old Berserk lava field that consists of variable shaped lava rocks, and that is also where a part of the well known Eyrarbyggja saga happened. On our journey we ride around Mt Kirkjufell, considered as being the most beautiful mountain on the Snæfellsnes peninsula and yet most recognized as being “ArrowHead Mountain '' on the TV series, Game of Thrones. We get to visit  the fascinating area at Bjarnarhöfn and take a look at the Shark Museum just before enjoying the views of the Islands of Breiðafjörður. We will spend our nights at the outskirts of a small fishing town, Grundarfjörður and is probably the only town in the world that has a special allotment dedicated to the hidden people of Iceland.

 Depending on the preferences of the riders there are also additional activities possible, like visiting the shark museum or taking a splash in the local swimming pool, sea kayaking or whale watching.  And on the last night of the tour we will all dine at local restaurant Bjargarsteinn known for delicious local food.

Day 1: On the traces of Games of Thrones


Pick up starts around 9:30 in Reykjavik and we will enjoy a small snack upon arrival in Grundarfjörður. After lunch we start with riding without the herd on a trail just outside of Grundarfjörður, a small beautiful town situated in the north of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula.  We continue our ride towards Kirkjufell, the most distinct mountain in Iceland, considered one of the top 10 most beautiful mountains in the world, and most recognized as being “Arrow Head Mountain” on the TV series Game of Thrones. On the way we stop at the majestic waterfall Kirkjufellsfoss, take a selfie and enjoy the pristine nature around us. Then the ride leads us to the roots of Mt Kirkjufell where we make our way around this unique natural wonder, riding on the beach and grassy fields.


Accommodation: Hellnafell Guesthouse, Grundarfjörður

Riding distance: 15 km.


Day 2: Fjordhopping: Grundarfjörður- Kolgrafafjörður – Bjarnarhöfn


After a nice breakfast we start our ride into the mountains passing Grundarfjörður,  following the old postal route towards Kolgrafarfjörður bay. We take the herd with us today and ride through green grasslands and across rocky grounds.  We rest the horses at the  foot of the mountain range Axarhamar, before we take the steep way up the mountain Tröllaháls.  The ride leads into the beautiful Hraunsfjörður fjord where we ride pass deserted farms and through the mystical Berserk lava, named after two unruly Berserks that were betrayed by an Icelandic farmer in the 10th century, and end our day at the farm Bjarnarhöfn.  


Accommodation: Hellnafell Guesthouse, Grundarfjörður

Riding distance: 26 km.


Day 3. Between summit and sea: Around Bjarnarhafnarfjall back to Hraunsfjörður

We continue our ride from Bjarnarhöfn surrounded by mountains on one side and the sea on the other, riding on private land. On the way we enjoy the views of the islands of Breidafjörður venturing off the beaten track. Today we ride rather slowly due to rocky grounds and also to keep the sheep in the area calm. We will make our way towards Mjósund fjord and ride next to the first bridge that was built over a fjord  in Iceland.  After that we make our way back to Hraunsfjörður enjoying the spectacular views of lava fields covered in moss as well as impressive mountain ranges.  When we return to Bjarnarhöfn, we can explore the shark museum and get to know everything about the Greenland shark and try the (in-)famous “hákarl”(a.k.a. fermented shark)


Accommodation: Hellnafell Guesthouse, Grundarfjörður

Riding distance: 30 km



Day 4. Landing on the Moon: Ride to lake Selvallavatn

Dinner at Bjargarsteinn -

Today's route leads us from Bjarnarhöfn on a marvelous lava trail called Berserkjargata where the two unruly Berserks are buried. We pass craters and ride on soft paths up to lake Selvallavatn, with a spectacular view of the colorful Berserk lava field and variably shaped landscape around. This lava field is around 4000 years old. On our way you spot a hidden waterfall; just another proof that this area is magical... We continue our ride through the lava field and return to Bjarnahöfn. We head back to Grundarfjörður and have a farewell dinner at Bjargarsteinn, a restaurant well known for its cuisine using local ingredients.

Accommodation: Hellnafell Guesthouse, Grundarfjörður

Riding distance: 25 km.